Delivering Life skills as an essential part of education

Life Skills

Delivering Life skills as an essential part of education

With most schooling experience, we typically see a focus on standardized testing and high stakes exams dictating learning and the syllabus and learning experience during the school year is primarily focused on that.  Often when it comes to shaving of time, resources and budget we see that there is a less emphasis on life-skills, physical development and holistic learning. This experience, although often unassessed and not structured is left wanting. This is a problem educators face globally as they are pressed for time and demands for improved school performance through student academic achievement.  We have seen new curricula emerge such as the IB which emphasize on these extended educational skills and applied concepts and project based learning. However, a structured approach to this is still lacking. Students once they enter higher education or professional life are required to develop skills such as team work, leadership, self management, discipline, stress management, health and nutrition purely based on the need arising. It can and should be argued that such program based interventions must be made at the school level and should be provided substantial if not equal weightage compared to the core subjects because the idea is to prepare students for a life and not necessarily an exam. 

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