The New Normal – Learning in the age of a pandemic


The New Normal – Learning in the age of a pandemic

Covid-19 ushered in an era of uncertainty that affected all walks of social and economic life. Children globally were most affected because schools and institutions of learning were closed during the lockdown and are struggling to reopen in the interests of safety. In response to this, many schools and institutions have adopted online and digital learning platforms to complete the learning objectives of the curriculum so that students’ ability to learn continues in an uninterrupted fashion. Where once, it was hard to imagine, perhaps still is,  a virtual or blended alternative to a brick and mortar classroom, it has now become a necessity and a new norm of schooling. This new paradigm has left educators scrambling for tools and technologies to maintain a steady course of teaching and learning. In this wake, we have also seen the emergence of online tuitions and skill-based courses. However, what is often seen lacking is, making this virtual experience fun and engaging and covering skills and knowledge beyond the regular classroom skillsets.

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